Addiction treatment methods

Addiction treatment methods

Drug addiction can be defined as a complex illness which is characterized by uncontrollable and intense cravings for drugs. Individuals that are addicted to drugs are most likely to seek and use them even during times of devastating consequences. The path to drug abuse or addiction begins when the person voluntarily chooses to engage in the act of consuming drugs. No matter what kind of addiction you are facing there are many solutions and resources available to help you overcome it. Speak with a counselor now at 800-303-2482 to go over the best treatment options available to you.

Addiction to drugs is referred to as a brain disease which affects more than one brain circuit. The brain circuits that are involved in drug addiction would be inhibitory control over the individual’s behavior, memory, learning capacity, motivation, reward, etc.

There are many different treatments for addiction to drugs, and these treatment programs may vary depending on the institution or rehabilitation center from which one is availing such programs. At times these rehabilitation centers would also customize or personalize their treatment programs as per the circumstances of the individual.Factors that influence these programs are also rehab center location, specialties for substance abuse, total equipment, medical care, size of facility, etc. The first approach is detoxification.

This is an approach wherein the addict is provided with medications for the purpose of managing their withdrawals from drugs or alcohol. The second approach is called individual therapy, in this kind of therapy the therapist explains to the addict about his or her addiction and provides them with advice on how they can overcome the addiction.To emerge victorious from one’s fight with drug addiction group therapy is also recommended. This kind of therapy allows the addict to mingle with fellow addicts suffering from the same addiction. This kind of mingling would allow them to support, encourage and share their problems with one another. Remember, addicts deserve to get help.

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Residential treatment is another kind of treatment that is used on drug addicts. This kind of treatment is very effective because it provides them with a chance to escape from their typical lifestyles and lead a completely new lifestyle in a safe and supportive environment while they receive intense therapy for their addiction.

Most people often wonder about the right treatment approach that they should choose to get rid of the addiction. If you are wondering the same too, then you should understand that only one kind of approach isn’t going to be very effective. Therefore you will have to treat your drug or alcohol addiction with a combination of treatments or approaches. You will have to be patient here because it might take several different treatments before you can overcome your addiction.

There are many stages of quitting drugs or alcohol.

  1. The first stage is when one makes the decision of deciding to quit.
  2. The second stage is when one prepare for the change by choosing suitable ways to quit the addiction.
  3. The third stage is withdrawal, and this can last for a period of up to two weeks.

Here one attempts to develop a lifestyle minus the addictive behavior and also engage in non-addictive ways to cope up with the situation. The stage is the stage which carries on for a lifetime. This is the stage where one’s addiction is quelled, and one engages in living a non-addictive lifestyle for the rest of one’s life.

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Now, just because an addiction treatment has been proven to be effective for your friend, it doesn’t mean that it is going to be the same for you. You have to keep in mind that the effectiveness of the addiction treatment is dependent on several factors like your readiness and willingness to change, the skills of your therapist, the intensity of your addiction, your current physical and mental health, the amount of social support received by you and the number of monetary resources that you have.

If you are looking to get yourself a substance abuse addiction treatment, then make sure that a therapist is a person with whom you can get along well. It is important to maintain a good therapeutic relationship with your therapist because he or she would be the one who would help you sail smoothly across different stages, from the severe addiction stage to the long-term recovery stage.

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