Forms of addiction treatment

Forms of addiction treatment

There are treatments for specific drug addictions and abuse. But what if the patient is suffering from more than one addiction? What sort of treatment does this kind of patient need?

People may become prone to multiple drug addictions due to many different prescribed drugs that treat illnesses. Moreover, those who are addicted to a certain kind of drug are also often using other drugs to contradict the “high” effect of the primary drug they are using. For instance, one is addicted to cocaine, and he uses a tranquilizer to remove his or her “being high” faster. Here are other specific examples:

  1. Anabolic steroids mixed with other kinds of steroids prevent the aggressive behavior caused by steroid abuse. The mixture also increases its beneficial effects.
  2. Alcohol is used with marijuana to make its “high” last for a longer period. However, alcohol also increases the user’s craving for marijuana.
  3. Alcohol is also used with cocaine to make the “high” last longer. Users also take alcohol together with cocaine to fight anxiety and depression.
  4. Amphetamines and opiates are used together to counteract their effects.

Though these are the beliefs of many drug users, none of them are true. On the contrary, the use of more than one drug on one occasion increases their bad side effects.

Amphetamines and opiates

Treatment for drug addictions

Residential treatments that have comprehensive programs are used as a treatment for addiction of multiple kinds of drugs. Though it is hard, addicted persons who will participate in the following services will surely recover.Recovery from addiction for sure depends on how much effort a patient puts into the process.

Medical substance abuse detox

Supervised substance abuse detox services are very useful in recovering persons addicted to multiple drugs. However, this is very critical since interactions and withdrawal symptoms can be at risk. Therapy must be based on individual’s health and substance abuse pattern.

Individual substance abuse group counseling

Counseling is very helpful in taking into consideration, the things that led the patients to multiple drug addiction. This activity also uses sets of skills that can cause the patients to recover. The individual and group activities can help the patients learn new things for them to overcome their former addiction.This is an instrumental part that helps patient to stay on the right path once out of treatment and allows continuous care after rehab.

group therapy

Aftercare for substance abuse

Patients might experience trouble in adjusting themselves when they go out from the rehab to their homes directly. Therefore, they need to go to the aftercare support first. Specialist in aftercare, help the patients to go little by little through the transition period between the rehabilitation center to the normal day to day life.

It is rather difficult to handle persons suffering from multiple drug addictions compared to those who are just suffering from a single type of drug abuse. But no matter how hard it is, it is still possible. In fact, it is even more necessary for those who are suffering from multiple drug addictions or any type to be treated as soon as possible. If they are not taken care of right away, the result can be fatal.

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