Do You Need Treatment for Adderall Addiction?

By Garry Harrell / September 30, 2018
There are various reasons why you might have started taking Adderall. It might have been prescribed to you by your doctor because of your ADD or ADHD, for example. You might have decided to try it while you were in college so that you would have the energy to be able to stay up and study at night. Regardless of how you might have started taking Adderall, you might not be concerned that your prescribed or casual use has turned into something more serious. There are treatment options out there for people who are addicted to Adderall; these are a few signs that you might need to seek help.

You Don’t Take it How it’s Supposed to Be Taken

If you have not been prescribed Adderall but if you take it, then you are obviously not taking it the way that it is meant to be taken. Even if you have a prescription, if you’re taking more than you are prescribed, then you are abusing your medication. Those who snort or inject Adderall are also taking it in a manner in which it shouldn’t be taken and should consider seeking professional help.

You Have Trouble Functioning Without It

Now that you have been using Adderall, you might find that it’s difficult or impossible for you to function without it. Not only might you have a hard time concentrating and getting things done, but you might be irritable, or you might feel physically sick. All of these things are signs that you might be addicted to Adderall.

You’re Escalating to Using Other Drugs

Some people find that taking Adderall leads them to take other drugs. They might not be able to get the high that they want from Adderall, or they might run out of pills before it is time for them to get their prescription refilled. This can lead to buying Adderall off the street or even buying other, harder drugs and is a definite sign that a person should seek professional addiction treatment before matters get worse.

Even though Adderall is a prescription medication that many doctors prescribe on a daily basis, it can still be incredibly dangerous. Even those who have prescriptions for this medication can become addicted to it and can suffer from bad side effects. If any of these three things apply to you, now is the time to seek help for your Adderall addiction.

About the author

Garry Harrell

As finishing his master’s degree and a doctorate in Psychology on Columbia University, Garry published many publications on the addictions. He spent years in research of alcohol and various drugs where achieved high-quality knowledge and experience. After a short time he started to share it with students as he started to work as a Professor of Psychology. For a longer time now he is also volunteer president in one of the biggest international, non-profit, science based groups for abstaining from any addiction. Many of Dr. Harrell’s publications, including this on-line part of his work, are helping to a huge number of individuals to understand addictive behavior.