The Dangers of not Seeking Addiction Treatment

The Dangers of not Seeking Addiction Treatment

It is painful to see a loved one going through addiction. As you see your family or friend’s life spiraling downward because of a certain substance that is destroying his or her life, you might feel helpless. Although there are many ways in which one can get treatments for addiction, the most difficult part is convincing the addict to start getting help. Awareness is the key to any success in substance addiction treatment.

As long as the person is not willing to admit that his or her life is falling apart because of their addiction then getting them to want to get help is extremely difficult. Many people resort to doing an intervention so that their loved one will want to seek treatment 800-303-2482. Those who are concerned about the addict know that there are a lot of dangers of not treating an addiction. This is why doing an intervention is one of the most effective ways of helping treat an addict.

Addicts only think about the pleasure that they get from the substance. At first they would think that they can control their usage, but eventually, without their knowing it, the substance slowly starts to take over their lives. Longer this problem is ignored the harder will be suffering, from mental and emotional to the physical aspect. Problem is also that by the time an addicted person reaches a state of addiction, she or he is far beyond the point to ask for help.His or her addiction could start to become a threat not only to him or herself but also to others around them. People who are addicted to alcohol can become extremely intoxicated.

extremely intoxicated

When they put themselves behind the wheel and drive under the influence, they could crash into another vehicle and cause serious injury or even death to themselves or others. Addicts reach a point wherein they take the substance and feel like they need it even if they know that it causes tremendous problems for them self and their loved ones.

The Dangers of not Seeking Addiction Treatment

Another dangerous effect of not seeking addiction treatment is the damage that the substance causes the brain. Certain substances such as drugs have very harmful effects on the brain’s ability to function well. When drug abuse starts to take over, a person’s ability to exercise self-control can become impaired.

Studies done on the brain images of an addicted person shows that there are physical changes in the areas of the brain that function for:



Normal Judgment

Decision Making

Behavior Control


Because of these changes, addicts start to behave in destructive and compulsive ways that lead to impairment in social interaction with the people around them.

Treating addiction is no easy task. While there are many people, who start with the intention of getting better many of them also end up relapsing. When one becomes addicted, he or she starts to do anything and everything just to be able to get that certain substance. They will feel like they cannot live without it. So even if he or she has to borrow money from other people they will do it just so that they can get their fix.

This is very damaging to a family especially if the addict is the breadwinner. Often, alcohol and drugs go together, and they cause a person to have terrible mood swings. These mood swings can cause the addict to do and say things that he or she does not mean. Many wives and children of drug addicts or alcoholics end up getting physically beaten up by their husbands and fathers.Not mentioning much self- inflicted injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, and motor vehicle accidents.

Appreciating the helping hand of his friends

So if you are one of those people who see that their loved one is slowly getting hooked on drugs do not waste time. You have to be that person to get him or her to agree into going for an addiction treatment before it is too late. You will save yourself and your loved one much heartache, and you could potentially save their life.

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