How Can Addiction Treatment Help?

By Garry Harrell / February 4, 2018
How Can Addiction Treatment Help

Whenever people are faced with the issue of drug addiction, many questions tend to pop up. One of the most common issues that people have to deal with is how to manage the situation. Indeed several myths are associated with treatments for drug addiction, but with careful research, the truth can easily be established. To know whether treatments work or not, it is important to, first of all, learn a little bit about the myths that are associated with drug addiction.

One of the most common issues that can be considered a myth is that most addicts believe they can stop the use of drugs whenever they feel like it. The truth is that once a person has become addicted to a substance, then stopping use can prove to be quite a challenge. In the individual’s mind, the addiction does not even seem like a problem, and that is why professional care should be given when trying to resolve any issue that concerns addiction.


There is no determination of the appropriate length of treatment. There are many things to consider such as patient’s history, level of addiction, type of substance that is used, individual mental and physical condition and whole wellbeing with needs of the patient.

The substance that is abused usually integrates into the individual’s brain and blood and thus becoming part of the way the individual’s system works. Cessation of use may, therefore, result in a lot of complications that may include painful experiences.Besides physical, you have to be aware of emotional dependence on a drug. It is a neurobiological disease that has various specific behaviors.

Another myth is that drugs that are legally approved cannot pose any danger. The truth is that both legal and illegal drugs can be abused and thus addiction is possible for both types of drugs. It is therefore very important for every person that is using any drug to do so under instructions of a qualified person. Any drug that is taken must be used only under the Doctors orders and within the dosage that has been recommended.

Another one of the myths that are popular is that once a person has become addicted to a substance, then they can never stop using it. This cannot be any farther from the truth because there have been quite some cases that have been recorded where addicts were placed under certain programs which helped them recover. Indeed there are several treatments for substance addiction that are available today and that have been proven to be very effective.

Another myth that is very dangerous is that even if an individual is addicted to a substance, driving does not become a problem. The truth is that most drugs have several effects on the individual that is using them. Some of these drugs normally impair coordination and may weaken the muscles. There are also those drugs that are known to cause concentration problems and vision complications. If a person is not treated, then these complications may make it very dangerous for the addict to continue driving.

Having mentioned all the above, it is also important to add that treatment for addiction may be effective if done in the early stages of addiction. If however a person is treated after the condition has become severe, then full recovery may be much more of a challenge and will depend very much on the individual, and at the same time, there is no case that is impossible.

The truth is that if drugs have integrated too much into the system, then they may cause lifetime problems. It is therefore always advisable that a person gets help as soon as possible if he or she wishes to recover fully. Treatments for addiction are therefore very important and can help a person get back to a good health condition physically and mentally. Troubles that have built up occupationally, legally and personally can also be dealt with extremely well. There is always hope so long as the individual seeks help for their addiction.

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Garry Harrell

As finishing his master’s degree and a doctorate in Psychology on Columbia University, Garry published many publications on the addictions. He spent years in research of alcohol and various drugs where achieved high-quality knowledge and experience. After a short time he started to share it with students as he started to work as a Professor of Psychology. For a longer time now he is also volunteer president in one of the biggest international, non-profit, science based groups for abstaining from any addiction. Many of Dr. Harrell’s publications, including this on-line part of his work, are helping to a huge number of individuals to understand addictive behavior.